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About Us

Blooms and Bees

In search of pollinators for our newly planted wildflower garden, we decided to enroll in a beekeeping course. Little did we know that the unexpected raffle prize of a honey bee hive would forever alter the course of our lives. We started with three hives, which quickly expanded into a dozen. As our apiary grew, so did our interest in these hard toiling creatures who help ensure plant biodiversity through their pollination efforts.

Long before he became a beekeeper, Michael J. Traynor was a commercial and fine art photographer. He and his wife Kirsten use their photographic expertise to capture the symbiotic relationship of bees and flowers. The vibrant colors, fragrant odors and intricate shapes of flowers evolved in a biological arms race stretched out over millenia, a bid to win the attention of pollinators. Night bloomers are typically white and fragrant, qualitites that entice bats and moths. Brilliant colored flowers are frequently pollinated by bees, butterflies or birds. Plants that mimic the stench of rotting flesh typically attract flies as pollinators.

Nature's Bounty

Over the years we have encountered some truly magnificent sights, which we captured photographically. Throughout this website, we share some of nature's boundless beauty. We have divided the site up into separate galleries for your viewing pleasure. Some pages are dedicated to the mysteries of the hive. Others capture nature's raw magnificance. We have also included photos from our travels to gardens around the world. Recently we moved to Arizona and have begun photographing the changing shapes and vistas of the desert. We hope you enjoy viewing the images. Photographs are available for sale. Please contact us with any questions or comments.

World Travels

When Kirsten won a German Chancellor Scholarship from the Humboldt Foundation, Michael and she had a chance to travel throughout Western Europe for 18 months, documenting the European beekeeping industry. Together they romped through many towns, cities and villages, traveling over 50,000 miles by car. They spent time photographing in Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, England, Ireland and Wales. To view photos from their adventures, visit the European Gallery.